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Universal Days of Prayer 
for Climate Restoration

April 22-23, 2023 

Uniting the World in Prayer for Humanity Flourishing

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People everywhere share the desire to give future generations a safe and healthy world in which they will flourish.  


Everyone wants to restore the climate. But our leadership isn't discussing it...yet.  The world's official climate goal is still net-zero emissions by 2050, which does not give reason for optimism.  If we reach only the net-zero goal in mid-century, CO2 levels will be 50 percent higher than humans have ever survived long-term.  Young people understand the resulting likelihood of collapse and extinction, and are living in rapidly increasing despair.

What is climate restoration?


Climate restoration is the goal of restoring CO2 to pre-industrial levels that humans have actually survived long-term–below 300 ppm and doing that while we still can– by 2050. These are the levels that allowed us to develop agriculture and civilization. 


Nature has cooled the earth many times. We can now copy these natural cooling processes, and we have the know-how and financing to perform them rapidly— when we choose to.

Join us for the Universal Days of Prayer for Climate Restoration


The Universal Days of Prayer for Climate Restoration will provide an opportunity for people around the world to unite for a goal we all desire—and show our leaders our commitment to restoring the climate. Our intention is for governments, foundations, funders, spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs to answer our common call—and make climate restoration top priority.  


We invite the organizers of all public programs taking place during Earth Week 2023 to start with a 30-second prayer for climate restoration so that future generations may flourish.  Consistent with the widespread indigenous call to consider future generations in all our actions, the prayer may use any words and traditions the organizers choose.


We expect prayers to come from all faiths, all nations, all professions. They will be written and spoken in all languages. 


In less than a month, many organizations have already expressed strong interest in participating—from churches, synagogues, and first nations, to EarthX and the Earth Day Network.  Prayer has always been a pathway for ideas to exist as non-political and non-partisan. 


We intend the Days of Prayer for Climate Restoration to become an annual tradition—until it turns into Days of Prayer for Thanks for the job being completed.

Are you part of an indigenous or faith community?Interested in the Days of Prayer for Climate Restoration?

Thanks for enquiring about the Universal Days of Prayer for Climate Restoration. Someone will reply shortly.

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