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Blue Skies

Climate Restoration Basics

How to restore a climate that allows humanity to flourish

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What is climate restoration?

Could we really restore a historically safe climate by 2050?


"Net zero" alone can't get us there--because we would also have to remove a trillion tons of "legacy" CO2 that's been accumulating since 1750.

The best bet is to follow Nature's lead. She's been removing CO2 for eons.


Download the CR Basics factsheet here. 

Nature's Prime  CO2 Solution

What's the swiftest, most cost-effective way to safely remove tens of gigaton of CO2?

The answer may surprise you:  It's how Nature leads up to ice ages. And it involves iron dust.

Download the factsheet on fertilizing the ocean

with iron.

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What's the Matter with Methane?

As with CO2, reducing methane emissions is important--but not sufficient to keep us safe.

Nature continuously oxidizes methane in the atmosphere, but can't now keep up.  


We can help her out by using the same process. 

Download the factsheet on oxidizing methane.

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