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Interviews and Presentations 

Climate Restoration in the Media: Podcasts, Articles, Presentations 
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Climate Restoration – A vision of a world with healthy climate and oceans full of life


Can We Mitigate a Methane Burst?


Conversations with Doug Duin 

Peter Fiekowsky - Author of Climate Restoration


Peace Podcast | A positive new book Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race by Peter Fiekowsky.


Here’s Why It’s Time to Pursue Climate Restoration

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Peter on C-Span! On air throughout summer 2023.


New Dimensions Radio: A Safe Harbor

for the Climate - Peter Fiekowsky


New Dimensions Radio: Climate Change: We’re All in This Together with Peter Fiekowsky

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April 2023 | Global EverGreening Alliance: Why Climate Restoration Is Needed Now

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April 2023 | Is Climate Restoration Feasible? A Chat With Peter Fiekowsky

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March 2023 | Realizing Affordable and Achievable Climate Restoration for the Safe Harbor of Humanity with Peter Fiekowsky (Episode #54)


February 2023 | These startups hope to spray iron particles above the ocean to fight climate change

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August 2022 | Climate Restoration: Ensuring Humanity will Survive…and Thrive

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July 2022 | Earth.Org Authors: An Online Conversation with Peter FiekowskyㅣClimate Restoration

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February 2023 | Conversations with Doug Duin

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October 2022 | Earth911 Podcast: Author Peter Fiekowsky on Climate Restoration

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November 2022 | This conversation with Peter Beck with of Climate Emergency Forum offers a short, comprehensive overview of climate restoration.

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November 2022 | A Safe Harbor For The Climate With Peter Fiekowsky

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November 2022 | Net zero is nowhere near enough for this climate advocate | Read Now

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October 2022 | Episode 516 Cooling With Iron Salt


October 2022 | Interview of the Century: Vita Sapien hosts Michael Dowd & Peter Fiekowsky on Climate Restoration.


October 2022 | Climate Restoration: The Key to a Healthy Future for Humankind and Those Who Are Making it Happen


August 2022 | School For Startups Radio | Climate Restoration

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August 2022 | Vita Sapien | Climate Restoration


August 2022 | Bloomberg Interview 

Restoring Our Climate to Secure Our Future

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July 2022 | Superpowers for Good, Devin Thorpe |Peter Fiekowsky Offers a Plan to Not Just Avoid Disaster but to Restore Global Climate to Health by 2050

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June 25, 2022 | An Evening With The Author | A 30-minute Climate Restoration 101. Followed by a great conversation with the North Bay Chapter of Fans of Climate Restoration.

Thank you to Philip Paskal, Teri Pugh, and the North Bay Chapter of Fans of Climate Restoration!


July 2022 | The River | With the global climate crisis continuing to spiral out of control, the time for tough conversations about what it will really take to create a healthy future for humanity is here. 


June 15, 2022 |Sonali Kolhatkar interviews Peter on Free Speech TV. 

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June 1, 2022 |  Resilience and Possibility: Climate Restoration | Bill Twist, co-founder of Pachamama, converses with Peter Fiekowsky on a call with over 200 participants. They emphasize that climate restoration should not be seen as political—it's about restoring a climate that humanity can survive. 

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May 17, 2022 |How can a Trillion Tons of Excess CO2 Be Removed from the Atmosphere? Featuring Peter Fiekowsky


June, 2022 |  Peter Fiekowsky discuss climate restoration on Driving it Home with /Patti Vasquez, on WCPT. 

00:00 / 26:12

May 25, 2022 |  Peter Fiekowsky discusses his new book, Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race


April 20, 2022 |Written version of Tom O'Hara's interview with Peter


May 25, 2022 | Is Climate Restoration Feasible? A Chat With Peter Fiekowsky


April 20, 2022 | Peter Fiekowsky, author of “Climate Restoration” joins Mark Thompson to explain how we can restore the climate so that current and future generations can flourish.


November 2021 | Betsy Rosenberg interviews Peter Fiekowsky in Glasgow


January 2022 | The Paradigms that We Are Living in: Dr. Fred Moss interviews Peter Fiekowsky

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September 30, 2021 | The Investor's Podcast Network interviews Peter Fiekowsky

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November 2021 | Nick Nuttall interviews Peter Fiekowsky in Glasgow, asking:

"Reducing carbon emissions won’t restore the conditions that historically enabled humans to thrive. How can we make climate restoration possible? Which climate restoration technologies are most promising? And what are the likely costs, the possible risks, and the potential benefits?"​

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September 2019 | Peter Fiekowsky and daughter Erica Dodds, COO of the Foundation for Climate Presentation, discuss climate restoration at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.


June 24, 2020 | A World We're Proud of: Dr. Fred Moss interviews Peter Fiekowsky


September 18, 2018 | NORI podcasters interview Peter Fiekowsky at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. 


2018 | EARTH911 Sustainability In Your Ear Podcast

Peter Fiekowsky, founder and president of The Health Climate Alliance (HCA)  returns for part two of a discussion about carbon capture and sequestration technologies that mine the air to remove excess CO2. HCA's goal is to restore the CO2 levels our great-grandparents lived in, with normal weather patterns and a robust Arctic ice sheet.

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