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The Grandparents Fund 
for Climate Restoration

If you’re a grandparent or potential grandparent...

You know you’d give anything to help your grandchildren achieve their dreams. You also know that the climate crisis is dimming their future day by day.

Now you have the opportunity to express your commitment to helping your grandchildren thrive by restoring a climate fit for humans!

Climate restoration means restoring the pre-industrial climate by 2050, starting now, while we still have time. 

There exists ONE plan only to restore the climate that allows humans to thrive.  It’s outlined in our book: Climate Restoration—The Only Plan That Will Sustain the Human Race.  And you can read summaries here. Nature knows how to remove substantial amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere quickly.  Now we can use the Earth’s own methods to do it, too! 

Who will fund it? The people who truly care about leaving a livable planet for our children and grandchildren, and who have the means to make sure it happens.  


Your  monthly subscription to The Grandparents Fund will initially go to the Climate Restoration Safety and Governance (CRSGB), for overseeing the effectiveness and safety of major climate-restoration projects; and Technion, The Israel Institute of Technology, for developing the data-analysis system to precisely monitor the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Then, in 2024, contributions will directly fund  climate restoration projects.  

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