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Climate Restoration 

The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race

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Your students are hungry to contribute to a vibrant future.

Introduce them to the leading edge of climate action!


They'll discover the solutions available today that will restore a climate in which they and future generations can thrive.

 Young people  know that our current climate goals will not restore a climate that humanity has survived over the long term.  Students and experts alike are now grappling with the fact that even if we reach net-zero by 2050, our survival is still in serious doubt.  There's a trillion tons of historic CO2 in the atmosphere.  That “legacy” CO2 will continue to wreak havoc in our world. 


What if there's  a way to restore our students' and their children's future?

 Over the past few decades, visionary scientists have developed and demonstrated astonishingly effective ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.  Permanently. On a massive scale.  And in a way that can be financed without huge government outlays.  Each of these climate solutions accelerates the ways nature removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Climate-restoration solutions include restoring photosynthesis in the ocean and making limestone as nature does, so that CO2 can be safely stored in our buildings and roads. (See below for more details.)


Does the following surprise you?  Get the facts and background in 

Climate Restoration: The Only Way to Sustain the Human Race


  • Using tremendously effective climate restoration methods based on natural processes, we can restore pre-industrial CO2 levels by 2050 

  • We can remove a trillion tons of historic CO2 over the next 30 years, and we're starting to do so

  • Restoring our climate costs a small fraction of the price of the energy transition. In fact, climate restoration can pay for itself through selling its by-products—fish from restored ocean areas, and carbon-negative building materials.


Climate Restoration—The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race--is the first book to review the science of climate restoration and present the pathways to achieving it. The volume contains the first-ever climate model of “RCP-O”— the “zero-warming scenario” in which we restore the pre-industrial climate.  Amply sourced and documented, Climate Restoration has also been called a “page turner.”


Give your students the advantage of being on the forefront! 

You can also give them the confidence that we can restore a climate in which humanity and Holocene ecosystems can survive and thrive. 


Why does this sound new?  While net-zero is essential, near-exclusive focus on the energy transition has obscured powerful messages and methods that have the potential to restore the Holocene climate well within your students’ lifetime. 


From Climate Restoration, your students will:


  • Understand the power of a moonshot goal to mobilize real action—and see how they can help set the goal of climate restoration

  • Learn about the Big Four climate restoration solutions, all based on natural processes such as the way nature regularly removes CO2 leading up to ice ages  

  • Meet the pioneers of climate restoration—physicists, chemists, oceanographers, and entrepreneurs, who use biomimicry and geomimicry to reduce CO2 and methane the way nature does… in a vastly accelerated timeframe.



Humanity's greatest challenge calls for great vision and new ways of thinking.

Encourage your students to envision a healthy future for humanity and think anew with Climate Restoration—The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race.

The "Big Four"  Solutions That Hold the Key to Restoring Our Climate 

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Do you teach people about climate change?

You're invited to download a free review copy of

Climate Restoration —

The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race!

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Reviews for Climate Restoration

An invigorating, thought-provoking plan to address climate change….In brisk chapters supported by wide-ranging research, this work details not only the theoretical validity of the steps proposed, but also their workability….[T]he book’s prevailing tone of energetic optimism ultimately carries the day.” 

—Kirkus Reviews

"Peter Fiekowsky has written the consummate book for our time. It is a must-read for anyone who cares about life, the Earth, and future generations…. [Climate Restoration] is the tide-turning, revelatory message we have been waiting for.”

—Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance.


“With inviting clarity and an engaging optimism, Fiekowsky considers four promising solutions (creating limestone out of CO2; building seaweed and marine permacultures; iron fertilization; enhanced atmospheric methane oxidation), presenting the possibilities with persuasive power. He simplifies the science for easy comprehension, and makes the case with such hopeful vigor that the book becomes something rare: a dead-serious, no-illusions look at climate change that doesn’t stir despair.” 

— Publishers Weekly Booklife

“Fiekowsky proposes what may be the most important strategy for saving the planet from climate chaos—restoring a safe climate, rather than just trying to slow down our climate emissions. His logic is compelling, and his message is powerful, persuasive, and, most of all, empowering.”

—Durwod Zaelke, President, Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development

“Finally, someone has done the math on our #ClimateCatastrophe in a way that gives us concrete solutions. Peter Fiekowsky offers a bold, scientifically-grounded strategy that is both practical and immediately implementable. Yes, we have an enormous lift to remove the one trillion of tons of legacy carbon in our atmosphere. Luckily, as Peter shows, there are permanent, scalable, and financeable options for achieving this. Let’s stop tweeting #ClimateEmergency and start tweeting #ClimateRestoration.”

—Dr. Christopher K. Tucker, Chairman, American Geographical Society

“Peter Fiekowsky’s work on climate change restoration is beyond bold. It is inspired, pushes boundaries, and offers a realistic solution to the climate change crisis. It deserves a wide audience.”

—John Englander, oceanographer, President of the Rising Seas Institute, and author of Moving to Higher Ground and High Tide on Main Street.

Peter Fiekowsky is the textbook definition of a visionary.  While others have pursued the critical goal of reducing carbon emissions, Fiekowsky has inspired thinking and action on carbon removal, an often ignored yet critical tool in achieving our ultimate goal, climate restoration.”

—Sam Daley-Harris, Founder, RESULTS and Civic Courage

"Climate Restoration's pragmatic, science- and solution-based discussion is highly recommended for any[one] interested in the ongoing issues of climate change and the future of life on Earth.”

—The Midwest Book Review


If ever there was a time for vision and innovation in human society, this is it. Peter Fiekowsky is laser-focused on the values that should unite us all, especially leaving a planet of which we can be proud to our children--and he speaks clearly and passionately about climate restoration as a crucial complement to mitigation and adaptation.  Let's find a way to make it happen.

—Phoebe Barnard, CEO/Executive Director, Stable Planet Alliance, Co-Founder, GirlPlanet.Earth, and Affiliate Full Professor, University of Washington

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Book: About
Book: About
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